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TH Media creates authentic, monthly social media content tailored to fit each platform for optimal online performance. Through our social media creation process, we are able to determine what content performs best for your brand, and how to reach the target audience, driving real results and growth directly back into your business.

Monthly Creative Sessions

Successful marketing starts with creative brainstorming. We set up monthly meetings with our clients to run through upcoming events, promos, etc., and generate creative ways to produce the content that is both inline with the business goals and engaging to its target audience.

Tailored Content Shoot

We then take the ideas gathered at the creative session and tailor a content shoot that captures the fun, exciting and unique things happening within your company. Whether it's highlighting a new product launch, promotion for an upcoming event or general brand awareness, we create it using high-quality video and photo production.

Social Content Calendar

Now it's time to take the authentic content we captured at the shoot and tell your story through the use of social media marketing. Our team strategizes the best way to push out the content, and then crafts a month's worth of pre-planned social posts to boost brand engagement and drive real results.


We offer consistent, high-quality photo and video content on a monthly basis with packages designed for any business type. From tailored shoots and content editing to full social calendar creation and scheduled posting, we manage it all consistently on a month-to-month basis.


We all know social media is constantly evolving, but learning how to stay on trend and keep content engaging is a vital part of successful social marketing. It's our job to make sure your company is targeting the right audience, interacting with recent trends and evolving as needed to gain consistent and loyal followers who invest in your brand and want to see you succeed. Our team is constantly researching new trends and thinking outside the box to ensure we are delivering authentic, exciting content that keeps your audience engaged.

“The team at TH Media are amazing! They understand that story sells and they know how to craft a message that tells a story about your brand. Talented team — I can't recommend them enough.”
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